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What It Takes To Be in the Top 1% Statewide as an Agent

What it Takes to be in the Top 1% Statewide as an Agent Are you tired of scraping for leads? Yearning to join the ranks of the top 1% of agents in your state? Look no further than Jackie White’s...
Agent Webinar Template

What it Takes to be in the Top 1% Statewide as an Agent

Are you tired of scraping for leads? Yearning to join the ranks of the top 1% of agents in your state?  

Look no further than Jackie White’s inspiring journey from real estate investor and new agent to #1 agent at Your Castle Real Estate. I’m thrilled to share Jackie’s secrets with you in this month’s Level Up Like Lopez.

Every month I sit down with Director of Recruiting at Your Castle, Jeremy Lambert to reveal how top producing agents have been able to scale their business, generate new leads, and improve their lifestyles. We walk through their journey and mindset, dig for the actions and tools that helped them grow and finally ask, Where is there room to grow?

If you’re ready to level up your business, then we’ve got a great episode for you.

The 3 Pillars of Building your Business

I believe that there are three core pillars to building your business: SALES, ATTENTION and SCALE. Sales really involves any real estate transactions, that can be, looking at properties, selling properties etc. Attention on the other hand, most people call it lead generation but I like to think of it as a touchpoint for grabbing my clients’ attention while pitching my business to them. Last but not least is scale. This is asking the questions, how can I scale my business. It could be hiring extra help such as real estate assistants, transaction coordinators or even a marketing campaign. Any actions you are taking to grow your business is considered scale.

Getting In The Mindset of a Top Producing Agent!

“How do I get into the mindset of a top producing agent?” 

Most agents believe that they just need more leads or better systems to become a top producer. But I’m here to tell you the solution is much simpler than that. You must CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE.

Jackie, who has been in the industry for over nine years, started as an investor first. Over the years, she developed the skills to be a representative rather than simply a buyer. Jackie also believes, it was all about the mindset. She started her business by distributing just a few postcards in her neighborhood and slowly worked her way building relationships and leads. Even thinking outside the box by announcing annual garage sales and asking people if they would like to sign up for them.

I understand how difficult it can be as a new agent to make and close deals during your first year, but I also believe that getting in the top producing mindset will help you help you reach success.

If You Don’t Have a CRM, You are Failing!

One of the most important investments for an agent is the proper CRM. Jackie attributes her success to tools like a CRM (customer relationship management) and one of the most significant investments in your business, so don’t be cheap about it and spend where necessary. How are you going to expand your database if you don’t have the right tools? Research a variety of CRMs before settling on one that you believe will work for you and your company. Keep the contact list growing. With the amount of information you’ve gathered in your CRM, you will be able to send out coupons, home anniversaries, or even birthday wishes to your past clients, as all of this information and reminders are engraved in the CRM’s. This can help your clients feel more appreciated and more likely to buy from you in the future.

I Declare to Setting Myself Up for Success.”

Jackie’s power words are by far the most important component to alter your entire mindset into becoming a top producing agent.

You see, being in the top 1% requires a complete mental shift. It’s a sense of advancement and a positive attitude toward your business and what you see it becoming in the future.

You Can’t do Everything!

Jeremy brings up the question, is this a good use of your dollar per hour? If you’re trying to take manage every aspect of you business yourself, you could be losing money!

Take the chance to hire the right individual that you can offload certain responsibilities from, so you can concentrate on more important things(such as ATTENTION). Figure out the specific tasks you want to hand down to your assistant, then dedicate that time to expand your database and acquire listings.

As you consider this, keep in mind that the hiring process may not always be as simple as we would like, but it will be worthwhile if you find the right person. Make sure you establish a communication channel that works quickly and effortlessly for both of you.

Furthermore, always plan out how you want your typical days to look. Are you capable of striking a work-life balance? Once you’ve figured out most of these, if not all of them, break down your daily goals and make sure you track them. You can use planners, checklists, and calendar reminders to stay on top of your tasks and avoid overdues. If you’re struggling with time management, then this book, No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs  by Dan S. Kennedy, is a must read for you.

Where Do I Start Growing My Connection Though?

The first place I’d suggest is to look into your community. Our communities are vast, with numerous activities going on such as children’s sports, parents meetings, open garage sales etc.You’ll be surprised at how much information you can gather from your community. A positive reputation in your own community can go a long way in your journey to being among the top 1% Statewide. If they believe in you and your services, you will most likely receive more listings or referrals even from past clients to their friends.

Breaking Down the Business

“How does your current business appear?”

Now even though Jackie White is already a top 1% agent, there is always room to grow your business. Jackie’s identified a few of her business goals are to optimize her business to better fit her lifestyle and improve her marketing and lead gen to the point that people are reaching out to her first.

This is where you should start to break down your business objectives. Analyze the type of content you want to share with the public through your social media channels that you believe people will enjoy. In other words, understand your target audience.

Outline all of the current obstacles in your business and work on finding potential solutions to overcome them. One piece of advice I have for you is to be yourself on social media. Everyone wants to connect with the authentic YOU.

If you’re stuck on what to post, I’ve got you covered! You can repurpose previous webinars, real estate quotes, podcast audiograms, or video content as a video podcast or something else. You can use these as either Instagram reels or YouTube shorts.

Another thing to remember is that consistency is crucial. Consistently publish high-quality content on your pages. It may appear to be a lot of work, and believe me, it is, but that hiring virtual assistants as we discussed earlier, can help you stay consistent.

To sum it all up, rising to the top 1% of agents statewide may not happen overnight, but if it’s your goal, I believe that YOU can make it happen sooner rather than later. You simply must continue showing up as your authentic self, commit to your business goals, and evaluate your growth on an annual or quarterly basis. This will assist you in determining what works and what does not work for your business, allowing you to move forward.

If you are an agent who is struggling with farming or marketing, consider joining Your Castle Real Estate, which provides training and support  to agents like you. You can contact Jeremy Lambert at [email protected] and he will connect you.

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