Chris Lopez

Creating Tremendous Value in All Ways

Chris’s ability to combine marketing, sales, and technology has helped him build an impressive ecosystem of businesses that give clients and partners broad opportunities in their real estate investing journey. Through his unique media-first approach, Chris has established himself as an authority in Denver, forming a community of like-minded investors, entrepreneurs, and industry thought leaders.

Real Estate

As an experienced entrepreneur, Chris has used his ability to identify gaps in the market to construct an ecosystem of businesses catered to real estate investors. The businesses include:

Real estate brokerage Envision Advisors, created after Chris saw that the traditional real estate agent model was outdated and inefficient. Its focus is to help investors build, grow, and optimize their real estate portfolio through buying and selling investment properties in the Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and northern Colorado areas.

After Chris saw a need for investors to effectively review and optimize their rental portfolios, he co-founded Property Llama, a real estate portfolio analysis software. This software allows investors to manage and track returns of their properties, making it easier for clients to plan and leverage without the hassle of cumbersome spreadsheets.

Most recently, Chris became a partner at Ironton Capital, a real estate private equity firm for passive investors. It uses a unique approach for putting together diversified real estate funds by focusing on geography, asset class, and strategy.


While most of Chris’s businesses involve real estate, marketing and media have always been at the forefront of their success.

Despite skepticism from his peers, Chris recognized early on that marketing was going to be the driving force behind building relationships and attracting new leads. In 2017, with the goal of “owning” the attention of Colorado real estate investors, Chris launched the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast, followed by the Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast in 2020. Since their launch, the podcasts have helped build a dedicated community and audience that stretches far beyond Colorado.

With the success of the podcasts, the need for a dedicated media team grew as well. In late 2021, Curtis Street Media was formed, which drives the production, marketing, and tech for REICO, the real estate educational platform which hosts the podcasts, YouTube channel, and blog. The team has also produced multiple shows in collaboration with BiggerPockets, including The Real Estate Ride Along Show, Multifamily Mentors Show, and House Hackerz.

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Chris prides himself on using his platform to share knowledge, resources, and tips with other real estate investors and agents. That’s why he created REICO—Real Estate Investing in Colorado—the online educational guide that answers the question, “What do I do next?” in real estate investing by providing local knowledge to clarify strategies, build teams, and create an action plan for every step of the real estate journey.

Through the weekly Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast, listeners learn everything from the basics of real estate investing to current market trends in Colorado. It’s helped countless beginner investors figure out how to make their first move and has over 400K downloads!

To help agents improve their game, Chris hosts Launch Like Lopez, a monthly webinar series with Your Castle Real Estate that focuses on educating agents on how to work with investor clients, as well as tips to grow their business.


Chris’s passion for real estate investing and entrepreneurship began when he read Rich Dad, Poor Dad during his sophomore year of college. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2005 with a degree in financial planning, Chris went on to launch several entrepreneurial ventures (including an online marketing business), which laid the foundation for a career in entrepreneurship and real estate.

Chris enjoys spending time in nature, including taking an annual weeklong canoe trip, being a dad to his two young girls, and a good cocktail from time to time.

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