$50K+ a Month Doing FEWER Deals

Does more risk really mean more reward? We sat down with Your Castle real estate agents Joey Lewandowski and Lorenzo Martinez, who both took a big risk leaving their big box real estate companies. The result? They’re making more now than they did in their W2 jobs!

$50K+ a Month Doing Fewer Deals

What’s your real estate agent journey been like?

Joey: I started in real estate at the age of 19, not knowing a single thing. Fell in love with being the person clients look to for advice on their largest investments in their lives. To have someone trust you with the purchase or sale of their home is a big deal, and I always wanted to do something that was fulfilling internally. Real estate is that for me! 

Job History:

  • Worked at Trelora for about 2 years.
  • Worked at KW for about a year.
  • Worked at Realty One for a year and change.
  • Lorenzo: I started in Real Estate at 19 years old as an intern at Trelora, manning the front desk, answering phones, writing postcards, etc. Over the course of the 4 years I was there, I sat in many different roles including field agent, admin, transaction coordinator, and lead agent being a part of over 300+ transactions on the buying and selling side. I hit a ceiling at Trelora and moved to Redfin where I closed 40+ deals with them, and finally moved to Your Castle to start my journey in “traditional real estate” and haven’t looked back!

    What CRM do you use?

    Joey: KVCore

    Lorenzo: 50/50: Xcel and KvCore

    How many touchpoints a week do you shoot for? (And what is considered a good touchpoint to you?)

    Joey: Once to twice depending on the stage of said prospect.

    Lorenzo: Depending on what stage the client is in determines our touch points. A good touchpoint to me is always a phone call getting a new deal 🙂

    What does your daily & weekly routine look like?

    Joey: I enjoy working out in the mornings, going for runs, etc. Anything to get the blood going! Usually spend at least 3 days or 12 hours prospecting per week. Weather permitting, you can find me on the golf course a couple times a week.

    Lorenzo: We’re in the office Mon-Fri, off on Wednesday from 10am-3pm generating business for the weekend.

    What tools help make your life easier?

    Joey: Automated Home Searches, Contract Software, A badass marketing team here at Your Castle.

    Lorenzo: The MLS and Real Scout

    What areas of your business are you looking to improve?

    Joey: Really looking to improve my lead generation skills as a whole, in order to train effectively and efficiently to assist agents we hire to reach their max potential and really tap into that “next gear”.

    Lorenzo: Our systems and processes

    What’s your biggest obstacle in growing your business?

    Joey: Biggest obstacle in my business for years was stability. It was always: close a big deal, and wait for something else to come down the pipeline. Since then, I have grown into being relentless on the phone, in person, and all aspects revolving around real estate. I think you have to be aggressive to be successful in this business, and have seen exponential returns since adopting this. Another obstacle was managing funds. When you’re young, and you see a $30,000 check for the first time in your life, it can go fast. Must remain disciplined, and stick to your budgets in this business, and it will pay you in return.

    What is your “super power” as an agent?

    Joey: I think my super power as an agent is my experience with more than $150MM in volume in the past 5 years. There’s hardly anything I haven’t come across, or an objection that I haven’t had to handle in the past. I also think there is a lot of benefit in having a powerful mind. What I mean by that, is being able to grasp the concept of “sometimes you have to do the things you don’t want to do to have the things you want to have in this life.”

    Another thing I pride myself on is always being cool, calm, and collected in the fire. As an agent, you must learn how to de-escalate situations in a professional manner, all while keeping your client’s peace of mind as a priority of yours.

    Lorenzo: The fire in the belly and building rapport early and genuinely

    How has Your Castle Real Estate helped in your journey?

    Joey: Your Castle has opened my eyes on all fronts. I have interviewed with countless brokerages seeking somewhere that I was proud to be. Your Castle provided me with the tools and teams I need to be successful. The biggest advantages to working here at Your Castle is having the marketing team to help with social posts, flyers, design of websites, etc. to free up more time; a strong leadership that truly cares about individual successes of their agents; or the different opportunities Your Castle offers for newer agents to help get their business going.

    Lorenzo: Definitely the resources and culture of lending a hand.

    What is one piece of advice you would give to other agents?

    Joey: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Put it all on the line, and refuse to be outworked or outhustled. Be relentless, and have fun with every part of it. It’s such a rewarding business, but results don’t happen overnight.

    Lorenzo: Be a good person. Treat others how you want to be treated, and doors will open in so many different ways.

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