Time is Money: Learn How to Build a Profitable Real Estate Team That Runs on Autopilot

Chelsea's journey began with a successful painting company that she ran for 8 years, but she wanted to make a bigger impact on people's lives. That's why she turned to real estate, where she found the perfect vehicle to help people achieve their financial goals and create the life they deserve. Chelsea shares her tools and systems that have helped her build a team that will allow her take time off from her business in 2024 without losing lead flow.

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Every month I sit down with Director of Recruiting at Your Castle, Jeremy Lambert to reveal how top producing agents have been able to scale their business, generate new leads, and improve their lifestyles. We walk through their journey, dig for the actions and tools that helped them grow and finally ask, Where is there room to grow?

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Agent Profile

Name: Chelsea Steen

How did you get into Real Estate?
 My journey in homes began when I started a painting company at the age of 19. I ran this business for 8 years before successfully selling the company. I absolutely loved working on/with all types of homes during this portion of my career. However, changing the color of someone’s living room was not the impact I was looking to make on others. I got into real estate to continue working with homes, but in a way that will actually make a difference in someone’s life.

How many years have you been an agent?  
I have been licensed for around 5 years.

What is your “Super Power” as an agent?  

I am extremely hard working, ethical and do well with problem solving. Also – I give a shit.


What does your daily and weekly routine look like? 

Monday’s are coaching and admin heavy. So I hired a full-time assistant a year ago, it was about a year too late honestly, but hired her a year ago and so she does a lot of activities that I was previously doing that newer agents should be doing.

So getting the team together, the real estate team that I have and my admins so that they have a successful week. One-on-one coaching meetings and then I have a two-hour meeting with my assistant to get her rocking for the week. Then the second half of my Mondays is generally focused in my business, you know we had a listing, we’ve got to select an offer etc…

I take Tuesdays off, so I go hard on Mondays so I can have Tuesdays off. 

Wednesday, the first half is admin, afternoons are more in my business. Thursdays are more coaching focused, also in the business. Friday, I either get to show houses or go do something fun for myself, depending on how that’s structured. 

Same thing on Saturdays and then Sundays, I also pretty much generally take off.


How many touchpoints a week do you shoot for and what do they look like? 

All of my past clients get something from me three or four times a month. I am not someone who has ever picked up the phone and called people as I’ve mentioned public speaking and all of that freaks me out so I’m not great at picking up the phone. So we do Boomerang so we send that postcard out every month to pass clients such a good return.

How Has Your Castle Real Estate Helped in Your Journey?

Your Castle gave me an environment that I could actually thrive in. I sold $7 million my first year at KW. I switched to YCRE and sold $17 million. The difference was having people I could call (managing brokers) who were accountable to answering my questions so that I gained the confidence to tackle anything.

Do you use a CRM and if so what is it?

I don’t. We just recently got Follow Up Boss but haven’t started using it. All of my past clients were always in MailChimp which is where I send my newsletter out. 


What’s your biggest obstacle in growing your business?

I don’t want to grow my business. I want to sell the same level but with less effort… increase average sale, increase leverage, improve systems. My wife and I are planning on traveling during 2024. I want the team running smoothly and equipped to handle my awesome clients/referrals with systems in place to make everyone’s lives easier.


What is one piece of advice you would give to other agents?

Take your business as seriously as you want other people to take you.

Connect with Chelsea

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