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Have you ever dreamt of building a business that fits YOUR lifestyle? Did you become an agent so you could have the freedom to set your own schedule and attain financial independence? Join Chris Lopez and Jeremy Lambert this month, as they sit down with high producing Your Castle agent Kendall Dallow to learn how she made this dream a reality.

What is Launch Like Lopez?

Every month I sit down with Director of Recruiting at Your Castle, Jeremy Lambert to reveal how top producing agents have been able to scale their business, generate new leads, and improve their lifestyles. We walk through their journey, dig for the actions and tools that helped them grow and finally ask, Where is there room to grow?

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Agent Profile

Name: Kendall Dallow

How many years have you been an agent?  
I have been licensed for over 8 years

What is your “Super Power” as an agent?  

Figuring out scenarios and situations that work the best for my clients (aka friends and family). I think my psychology background plays a part in this as a lot of my job is listening and asking questions to help my clients get to where they want to go. It’s also talking them off the ledge when they may be feeling scared or overwhelmed about their decision. I feel like people who were the most emotional and scared are typically the ones who are the most appreciative of owning a home and making the leap of faith.

What does your daily and weekly routine look like? 

Usually I’m up by 530 or 6. So I can get a workout in, feed my dogs, hang out with them, enjoy the morning a little bit before I get started. And then depending on the day, I like to do walks with a lot of my friends and clients and referrals. So I’ll usually do an 8 a.m. walk sometimes, meet at a park. I do that two to three times a week. I like to do happy hours like to get out, but just I probably needed to get some walking into. 

I think one of the habits I’m really trying to get into this year is just gratitude. It’s my daily gratitude. So starting my mornings and just thinking about what am I thankful for? But also, what do I want to let go of? And what do I want to focus on for the day? So trying to just, you know, start and to do a better job with that?


How many touchpoints a week do you shoot for? 

I want to at least have like three interactions a week with, you know, potential clients, friends, referrals. And right now I’m also working just on my vendor list. So how can I get out and meet more [vendors]. I feel like I like to be able to provide those referrals to my clients. So it’s making sure that I have a good database that way.

How Has Your Castle Real Estate Helped in Your Journey?

First off, it was the people here just as far as the community, but it’s also the training because they do such an amazing job. Just as far as being a brand new agent, the training that I got, the contracts, I feel like that has stuck with me and it has helped me so much throughout my career, being able to write good, clean contracts to get them accepted.  

It was also Jeremy. It was easy to be able to call back and say, hey, I think I made a mistake and I’m ready to reevaluate. And this is where I want to take things. He’s  even still checking in now where, hey, I’m looking for a mentor or I want someone else to bounce ideas off of. And I feel like there’s a great group here at your castle. 

It’s also provided me with more financial freedom and the ability to own more than one property as well as so much flexibility in my life in regard to my schedule.

Do you use a CRM and if so what is it?

I started off with a spreadsheet but now I use KV Core. 

What’s your biggest obstacle in growing your business?

I can’t do it all and need to work with others and have more help. Need to let go and trust in others. Need to spend the time to find the right people to work with so I trust their process and can let go.

I’m trying to figure out some more marketing. I’m not great with social media and I’d like to do a better job. Make sure people know I do real estate. But I think it’s about relationships. And so that’s a big thing for me this year is relationships and people and who is it that can help me scale my business because I can’t do it all on my own. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to other agents?

Figure out what you want in your business and go for it. Don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing and what the next best thing is.

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