Mastering the Art of Scaling: Unlocking the Path to a 6-Figure GCI

Dan Fortune is one of the top 10 agents out of over 700 at Your Castle who has consistently dominated the industry for years. Delve deep into his journey as he shares invaluable insights on how he has successfully scaled his business, generated a steady stream of new leads, and transformed his lifestyle.

$50K+ a Month Doing FEWER Deals

Does more risk really mean more reward? We sat down with Your Castle real estate agents Joey Lewandowski and Lorenzo Martinez, who both took a big risk leaving their big box real estate companies. The result? They’re making more now than they did in their W2 jobs!

Time is Money: Learn How to Build a Profitable Real Estate Team That Runs on Autopilot

Chelsea’s journey began with a successful painting company that she ran for 8 years, but she wanted to make a bigger impact on people’s lives. That’s why she turned to real estate, where she found the perfect vehicle to help people achieve their financial goals and create the life they deserve.

Chelsea shares her tools and systems that have helped her build a team that will allow her take time off from her business in 2024 without losing lead flow.

Discover the Secret to Building a Dedicated Client List

Have you ever dreamt of building a business that fits YOUR lifestyle? Did you become an agent so you could have the freedom to set your own schedule and attain financial independence?

Join Chris Lopez and Jeremy Lambert this month, as they sit down with high producing Your Castle agent Kendall Dallow to learn how she made this dream a reality.